Thursday, February 26, 2009

Can You Guess What's New? - Hint: Check out this Sunset!

Two hints on this page about what's new here!  And yes, it is a gorgeous sunset tonight! 

A small teeny "BLOG CANDY" from my LSS to the first correct guess that posts. 

My A Muse friends should have this right away!    


  1. That's a beautiful sunset picture! A few posts back you mentioned you were working on getting a camera so you wouldn't have to use your cell phone for picture-taking. This pix looks like it was taken with a new, perhaps digital, camera. Is that right? If not, and you took it with your cell phone, I sure would like to know what kind of phone you used. My cell phone pix are always fuzzy! LOL

  2. KAREN!!!! You guessed it!!! I have a new Canon Rebel XS! Now I just need to learn how to use it! Please email me your snail address and I'll get your A Muse Blog Candy right out to you! It's a little package of Creative Candy twinkle stickers I picked up just special for ya at the LSS yesterday!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!