Saturday, March 28, 2009


Ok this is a wierd picture..  This was taken from inside my house looking through a glass door on a deck off my dining room.  This is a welcome mat...covered in ash...see around the edges, ash.  We have been having eruptions all day and the wind, today, was not blowing in our favor.  Ash..dark sky...brown snow.   I'm thankful for a very "tight" house and an air exchange system and good filters.  Enjoy!


  1. OH MY! I hope this doesn't last long. And I'm thankful you have a tight house too!!! Seriously...are you gonna be ok staying there?

  2. We should be fine. You can definately tell the air is a bit acrid and my eyes are kind of sensitive. If you were going out and wore contacts you'd probably switch to glasses etc., We have dinner reservations at a very wonderful restaurant tonight and are still going.

  3. Holy cow that is crazy! Have you ever experienced this before? It does give you a lot of stamp time right. How did the spaghetti dinner go?