Wednesday, March 25, 2009

~Sweetest Memories~

Today my dear motherinlove kissed the world good-bye and opened her eyes to find her Lord Jesus face to face.  What an amazing woman with so many incredible attributes it's difficult to list a few!  There wasn't a recipe she wouldn't tackle or share, she was an incredible cook.  She had exquisite taste and loved her 50 some cashmere sweaters!   Her sense of humor was so grand she could turn anything into something to die laughing about.  When staying with her this past summer she was remarking about what is allowed on TV...she said..can you believe those Viagra commercials?  Then she blurted out VIVA VIAGRA!...Oh no, is the window open?"  LOL!   We are thankful for her many happy years, we were the one's who were blessed.  


  1. So sorry :( Thank you for sharing some sweet memories of your MIL - and giving me a little laugh this well as a little cry. Hugs to you and your family XX

  2. Thanks Lori! She was a sweetheart! I don't think she'd want us to be sad so we are all remembering her fondly as she knew we would! She was a riot!!! You are dear for thinking of us! Donna