Sunday, July 12, 2009

Harrison's Yellow

This yellow rose was given to me as a gift in 1979. The rose was always so beautiful I had to uproot it each time I moved as it was no longer shipped by the company in Canada that my friend purchased it from.  I carefully transplanted it each time we moved and each time it seemed to do well; except when we moved to a new home in 2000.  The older lady that purchased our home demanded the bush be removed by her gardener although our sale agreement listed the time of moving it would be at a time arranged by the sellers, which would be optimal for the bush.  After driving the bush around in his truck for over 3 days, the gardener arrived at our new home with our limp, lifeless bush.  When he finished planting the bush, it stood barely 18" tall, nearly leafless and from my perspective...dead.  I was heartbroken.Free Smiley Courtesy of  Stupid I thought, just a rose bush.  But that didn't stop my grieving and complaining.  Weeks passed, summer wore on and everyone agreed...dead.  The next year it had some leaves, giving me hope but, no flowers.  Finally, through the years it has become a certain ressurection story...although it looked dead, although I had given it up for dead, it was surely alive!  Enjoy my Yellow Rose of Texas, in Alaska.  


  1. What a story! I hope the rose will last forever :) I have a ginkgo tree I'm terribly attached too... had it since I was in college (got it as a pup from the botanist who ran the greenhouse).

  2. Wow...this story made me smile. I love yellow roses!