Sunday, December 5, 2010

Money Holders - Wallet Style

You can never go wrong giving a little *cash* at Christmas! Made up 12 little wallets, decorated them and filled them with a little "green" for my nieces and nephews. There are a few different design options out there but wanted something super easy since I was needing 12 of them! Had fun making them all different just like each of my favorite nieces and nephews! Wonder who will get which one?

Apologies for the "funky" lighting - I tried to grab these photos while the sun was out but we are down to less than 6 hours of light a day. I feel like hibernating!


  1. busy little stamper :) FUN STUFF Donna!!!

  2. You are so wonderful to create these beauties for your nieces and nephews! They are all little works of art.