Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pie in a Jar

Used my French canning jars to make these darling "Pies in a Jar" Just the best idea for a dessert. It was really easy and worked out perfectly! Company is coming for dinner and I wanted to make it simple. Looks so good, I just want to eat one now! I didn't have any squatty half pint jars so I used my canning jars that are usually drinking glasses at our house. I used to fill them with my husband's famous Fudge Sauce but I can't buy them locally anymore so I just keep them to "me self." Hmm...that's a thought, I'll just have to fly half way around the world to buy some more! I used my cute little heart cutter to cut a teeny heart in the pastry top but the blueberries bubbled up a bit and distorted it. The uncooked version above and the cooked bubbly version below!


  1. wish we lived closer! we would be baking up a storm! and stamping too:)

  2. Those are SO cute! They'd be perfect for Valentine gifts for Sam's teachers if I can find cute jars. I wonder if they'd keep okay with a lid on them or if the crust would get soggy?

  3. Gosh- is there any place where one can find those jars any more ? I have only one left, and would love to buy a a set.

    1. Gisele,
      Sometimes I find them at a kitchen specialty store. You may try Sur La Table or Williams Sonoma