Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!

It was 1962, and I was the Jr. Bridesmaid. My sister and the love of her life, married! And, 50 years later and they still are! Love them both, to pieces and sent them off this little card! I wish I was able to be with them in person as we are often getting together for the Fourth of July watching fireworks, having fun together as a family! This year I'm home waiting for Bougie the Silky dog to bless us with her litter of special pups!
I wanted a 5 and an 0 for my fifty so used my Slice, Vintage Findings Cartridge. Used my double sided Creative Tape and immersed them in glitter (2 different types to give a little vintage color). Not wanting them to be dripping with glitter, I burnished them between some paper and used my bone folder and fingernail to press the glitter into the tape. I used decorative paper to provide the scallop and a little piece with some text in it for a little extra sentiment. Makes for a fun Anniversary or Birthday card! I'm hearing panting in the whelping box, maybe it's puppy time!

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