Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wishing you...

Snow much joy! While some of our country is having a bit of snow in parts that don't often see snow, Alaska has experienced several days of 50 degree weather, rain and melting snow. Mostly we have green lawn instead of our normal deep freezing weather and blanket of white snow. No worries, just a brief respite from our January below 0F weather. Reports say cold temperatures return on Wednesday. Dang! And, I was hoping for Palm trees. Last month I snuck away to my office in the midst of kids being home for Christmas, extra cooking and other fun things, to play. I love Hero's Snow man die and coordinating clear set.
Thinking he'll be the last "snowman" card of the season! Onto hearts, love and Valentines!


  1. Such a cute snowman! Hate to say it, but here in Southern Arizona we'd just about kill for that 50 degree weather. WTH, we aren't supposed to be this cold?!!!!

  2. Thanks PJ! I know crazy cold for you and wierd and warm for us!

  3. aww so adorable. My sister (from AK) is probably happy about that warmer weather but she'll be belly-achin' again once the cold comes back.

    1. Thanks Gale! The warm weather didn't last long and thankfully we had plans to fly off to warmer weather. Only a few more months and we might have a summer!