Saturday, May 18, 2013

Spring to it!

Instead of gardening, we are shoveling snow in a record breaking late snowfall here in Alaska. Instead of leaves breaking out of their buds they are covered with a layer of snow! So, today we will just pretend it's Spring! This is what it looked like at my house this morning. I closed the blinds in my studio and grabbed my Claudine Hellmuth Spring Garden clear set and planted a card! It's not that I dislike snow, but 231 days with snow. Maybe it will be melted by Monday? Then we can put on our rainy boots! Such cute boots, another in the Spring Garden set! Bring on Spring! Get the GOODS!


  1. I love those cute cards!! sorry about the snow. My sister lives up there and I've been hearing all about it (complete with some swear words. lol)

  2. Thanks for your sweet comments, Gale! Thankfully the snow has melted and we have sun! Our grass is turning green and we are thinking that Spring may arrive!