Monday, September 29, 2014

Happy International Coffee Day!

I love coffee.  I really LOVE coffee.  Sometimes I rush off in the mornings and only am able to enjoy a quick cup but, I love having my morning coffee.  Next to my charcoal broiler, I think my coffee/espresso machine is my favorite kitchen appliance.  But, what makes coffee even better is sharing it with friends.

Sometimes those friends are far away and that just isn't possible.  But this is!!!!

So I have a few coffee cards that I am sending to a few card crafty friends that I wish I could just stop and share a "cuppa" with.  Things to chat about while the coffee aroma fills the air.

Using fun Lawn Fawn Sweater weather 6x6 pads and some inspiration from a gifty card idea from Kristina Werner's Holiday Card Series here: I adjusted her pattern a bit and built these.  Choosing to wrap the base all the way around to the back of the card I didn't need to cut another piece.
My pattern paper is cut 4.25" h x 2 3/4" w (shy).  The bottom 5 3/4" h x 2 3/4" h.  Score bottom 3/8 from bottom and sides. Angle cut wide ends to mitre a neat fold. Fold around top patterned paper, embellish and slip in a card.

Hop on over to the Coffee Lovers Blog Hop and check out all the fun cards!

Alaska has some very wonderful coffee roasters and if my friends were closer we'd go grab a cup but, in the mean time Starbucks will do.



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    1. And, easy to make! Thanks Lynda,for stopping by.

  2. oohh this is soo cuutee Donna very creative card holder and I love the fall colors on it too cute...lovely creation and I ADORE this Donna....I join too the Bloghop...if you wanna look at my card it is # 46 on the linky party...would be glad if you could visiting me back...A very happy National Coffee Day for you too :)

  3. These are adorable! Love the fall inspired designs!

    Thanks for linking up to the Coffee Lovers Blog Hop♡

  4. eeepP! i love your card :) so festive and fun!!

  5. These are so cute. I know your friends are going to love getting these and thinking of you over a cup of coffee.

    1. Thanks for stopping by MariLynn! A fun way to share a cup of coffee from afar!