Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Online Card Classes - Better Late than Never!

Have you signed up for Copic Markers for Cardmakers at Online Card Classes?  Week two is just beginning!  I'm beginning at Day 1 (again!) because I hadn't worked on my practice sheets, yet!  Ended up sharing a card that I had done some blending on and felt kinda silly not doing my practice sheet.  A bit like eating dessert first.  Egads!  So I'm working on some blending techniques here, trying to get myself out of a square box and be a bit more adventurous in my color selections.

It's not very exciting, but here is my practice sheet for Day One.
Kinda makes you want to color some balloons, doesn't it?

Even though I already enjoyed different Copic certifications through Imagination International, I still wanted to see what fun ideas Sandy, Kristina and Jennifer had.

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  1. I took this class too, and loved it ... although I didn't do the image homework like you did. I keep meaning to go back and do them. Maybe soon!