Friday, October 31, 2014

A Note From the Heart - Rocky Raccoon

Reverse Confetti's Rocky Raccoon sending my little heartfelt note to my sister and brother in law for loving me up good after some surgery I had just over a week ago.  Right before I left Alaska for Oregon, where my doctor is, my Reverse Confetti order came and I had to force myself to ignore it until I got back home.  Little did I know that some optional surgery I had would leave me with poor vision for a couple of months!  Gasp!  So depending on how you like this, maybe I actually work better, with poor vision!

So for inquiring minds, and because this is the last day of Breast Cancer Awareness month, the surgery I had was to do some clean up work on previous surgeries I had, had for reconstruction after breast cancer.  Truly, truly blessed, five years ago, I was diagnosed with early detected DCIS cancer (digital mammogram) and opted for a bilateral mastectomy since the ladies on my mothers side of the family were 3 for 3 with cancer, two with breast and one with ovarian cancer.  So grateful to the Lord for early detection, His healing and a great surgeon. And then the optional surgery. You know those deep set, bedroom eyes some people have when they are young? Well, when gravity hits they look like you are sleeping! Now they are better, except my vision is all goofed up!

So here is my heartfelt thank you to my sister and brother in law for being one of two wonderful family members that took us in during our stay after surgery until we could return home.

Colored Rocky with Copics in colors and hues of the season in what has been somewhat of a signature "envelope"card style I have done numerous times.  Rocky is popped up using dimensionals and both hearts are glittered up a bit with orange Wink of Stella, because I'm addicted to it.  The real scary part of the card (this is Halloween) is the final touch of Black Enamel Accents. With one swift move you could ruin your creation in a millisecond.
My solution:  Use a TOAD STABBER.  That's what my Auntie called extra large hat pins.  Toad Stabbers.  So, I squeeze some of my Black Enamel Accents on a scrap piece of paper and touch the tip of my Toad Stabber to the "goop" and very carefully apply it to the area.  It usually works very nicely!

Happy Halloween!


  1. Your vision doesn't seem to be hurting your coloring ability, but trying it with the dogs on your lap might be another issue! Glad you are healing well! <3