Thursday, March 10, 2016

Foiled Kokopelli Invitations

Foiling had me at first glance! I loved it as soon as I witnessed it's wonderful glitzy come-on'! I bought an inexpensive laminator on Amazon thinking it would work fine, and it would have, but it takes a bit more time to heat up and who wants to wait!?  So I bought the smaller MINC thinking that would be all I would need until I had a creative opportunity to make the TOP 20 Invitations for the Silky Terrier Club of America's National Specialty. For this I was going to "need" the larger machine. 

Here is my project. It is the "Cover Sheet" Invitation for the TOP 20 ranked Silky Terriers in the US.  This year our Silky Terrier "National" will be held in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Not sure any of the recipients follow me here on my blog so I feel comfortable sharing this here.  (It's nice to keep it as a little surprise).

So here begins a little bit longer post than usual as I share some tips and tricks that I learned along my glorious, shiny, metallic journey.  

  • 1. Static Electricity is NOT your friend - Your Lawn Fawn Shammy is, however.
  • 2. Eliminate any and all hair or fuzz off carrier sheet prior to foiling. It's better if you, your dogs, & kitty's are BALD. Use your Shammy on your carrier sheet to remove static and clingy thingys.
  • 3. Using single pieces of foil works much better than trying to piece together foil to cover an image.
  • 4. Above said, you can effectively use lots of different pieces when covering a sentiment or numbers.
  • 5. I'm not sure all Laser copiers are created equal. Make sure you have good coverage. Solid images.
  • 6. Use the proper heat setting for your work. I used the 4 setting with my  80# card stock.
  • 7. If you accidentally fail to foil a portion of your image resulting in laser toner on carrier sheet it can be removed with a little rubbing with an alcohol pad and wiping with your LF Shammy.  
  • 8. You should always have an extra carrier sheet.
  • 9. I was never successful in "rerunning" a so-so foiled image. 
  • 10. I do have a preference in Foil brands.
  • 11. Sometimes tweezers help when moving or removing foil.  

So here are some outtakes. 

Pretty sure these marks on the foil are caused by hairs, either mine or my dogs, or fuzzys of some sort. All of which can be helped by reducing the static electricity. You might be able to use a dryer sheet etc., to treat your carrier sheet, I just never tried that, using instead my damp shammy. 

I tried using the MINC marker to touch up an image that had some white peeking through. It kinda worked. Kinda. It's not like anyone will be able to tell, but I might be able too. 

Rainbow is truly a delightful foil! I just love it! The colors are vibrant and just beautiful. My recommendation is to pay attention to the "rainbow color" and placement, because in the other direction it will be just colored stripes. The sentiment underneath this is beautiful with each couple of letters being a different color.  

Order enough foil for your project and plan accordingly. Rainbow is a popular color in foil. Store your foil flat like Jennifer McGuire recommends because that way it is more inclined to lay flat on your paper while you are placing it instead of wanting to roll up like a burrito.  

Hope this helps with your foiling projects!  


  1. Wow!!! You are the foiling queen AND have found another use for the stamp shammy 😊 Love it and love how these invites came out!!

    1. Thanks Jenn! It was a fun way to use the MINC and now that I have the big machine it will force me to do some other things!