Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Thinking of you

Sympathy cards are bittersweet to send and are the type of card that are a work of heart. In the past couple of weeks I have known of three friends who have lost someone dear to them. One friend lost her special grandma and the other two friends said goodbye to their dogs.

This Mondo Hydrangea has been overworked in my collection but, it seemed perfect for what I wanted to do.

Risky to watercolor on card stock but, I tried and it worked perfectly. The image was embossed in Versamark with white embossing powder on card stock from MFTStamps in Wild Wisteria. The sentiment is also white embossed on 40lb Vellum.

Next, a card for our friends who said goodbye to the dog member of their family. A beautiful golden retriever named Sully who was featured in a book, "Its Important to Paws," by David Jensen. Since I believe Sully is more alive now in heaven than he was on earth I chose the sentiment and images from My Favorite Things (MFTStamps).

I believe all dogs go to heaven. First of all, it isn't that you were a "good" dog to gain entrance to heaven because dog or human, no one can "do good enough" to get to heaven. Heaven is a free gift offered to us by God through Jesus Christ. I believe all dogs go to heaven because God cares and loves his creation. God made animals (it says so in Genesis 1:24, 25) and cared enough that animals would be named so He brought them to Adam in Genesis 2:19 and Adam named them. And, when the earth was about to be flooded in the time of Noah, animals 2 by 2 boarded the ark that Noah built until the flood passed and they left the ark. (You can read that in Genesis 7 and 8). So these are just a few reasons why I think God cares for animals.

Another friend lost a special dog friend and sire of many, many winning Silky Terriers. His name is Carson. A Bronze Grand Champion which means he acquired many Champion points during his show career. Besides that he was a loving companion of a friend of mine and well respected breeder of Silky Terriers. I thought this image from Reverse Confetti by artist Dawn Machell had a bit of a whimsical but, distinguished look about him.

The only time I met Carson (he lived in Colorado, before his residence in Heaven)was at the Silky Terrier National Specialty one year when it was held in Vancouver, Washington. Carson somehow, slipped, fell or jumped in the river. Thankfully he was fished out and saved to sire more beautiful litters and live years longer with his owner and family.

So there you have it.  And, if you want more information about dogs and heaven there is a nice article here
If you would like to read a wonderful book about heaven, check out this book entitled, "Heaven" by Randy Alcorn here

Be kind and God Bless you.


  1. Oh, your first card is gorgeous -- I love it!
    And your other two cards are so sweet! Wonderful cards, Donna!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment, Leigh!