Saturday, June 11, 2016


Enjoying a carefree day today, creating a card and celebrating my birthday in a quiet kind of way! Maybe if birthdays are celebrated quietly, the body won't know it's had one!  Ha! 

I LOVE donuts. On my birthday and sometimes once in a while I allow myself a donut. This year I am saving my "donut day" for when I am in Seattle in order to get one from a really tasty shop my brother-in-law buys his donuts from. In the mean time I had to have a donut fix. This is my first stamp set from The Ton. Actually two sets are used here. I just love the high quality poly and clarity of the images.  My color scheme reminds me of the candy Good and Plenty. But, just forget about that. 

Such a cute sets, The Doughnut Bar and Love and a Dog.  White embossed and decked out with some Black and White Shape and Tape.  Easy, peasy. Visit their blog, here:

Our local art store, Blaines Art had a celebration of 30 years of supplying Anchorage with art supplies and classes and bringing that kind of joy to our community. As a part of their celebrations many company representatives participated in the event. To my delight, Product Director for Copic and Imagination International, Marianne Walker traveled to Anchorage to be a part of the festivities.  It was fun to enjoy looking through sketchbooks of her work and have a little visit about Copics. One question I'm sure she fields all the time has to do with the availability of the markers and how the supply and the demand don't always work together. Copic markers are put together by hand. The tips are put together in the marker by individuals. I truly love these markers and they are my favorite go to medium for coloring in my images.  

Also, included in my carefree wandering today was a stop by the local chocolate artisan shop, Modern Dwellers and my favorite dress shop, Her Tern. 

My favorite kind of day!  

Cheers to another year!  


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    1. Thanks for stopping by, Chris! It was a fun, quiet kind of birthday. My favorite kind!